• The impact of COVID-19 on maternal mental health

    25 March 2021

    Dr Liz Rose and Dr Mano Manoharan talk to Dr Jennifer Powell about the effect of the pandemic on maternal mental health.

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  • 25 Women; Celebrating Women in Psychiatry

    04 March 2021

    Members of the 25 Women project steering group discuss the progress made for and by women in psychiatry and the challenges that many have overcome.

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  • Binge Eating Disorder in Young Men and Anorexia During Pregnancy

    01 March 2021

    A young man discusses his binge eating disorder and a mother tells us about her experience of anorexia nervosa during pregnancy.

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  • How Can We Make Mental Health Services Better For LGBT People?

    08 February 2021

    How can we take positive and practical steps to make mental health services better for the LGBT+ community?

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  • Preventing sexual harm on mental health wards

    01 February 2021

    Dr Amar Shah and Rachel Luby discuss the statistics, safety and stigma surrounding sexual harm and talk about the next steps needed to improve sexual safety in inpatient settings.

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  • Talking about invisible disabilities: underrepresentation, stigma and how we can do better

    03 December 2020

    To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Dr Ken Courtenay and Dr Eleanor Brewster discuss what we can do as a society to create a world that is more ...

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  • The psychology and psychiatry of pandemics

    02 December 2020

    Dr Raj Persaud talks to Professor Steven Taylor about his recently published book offering a comprehensive analysis of the psychology of pandemics.

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  • The psychology of coping with quarantine

    01 December 2020

    Professor Neil Greenberg talks to Dr Raj Persaud about how to cope with quarantine and the surprising findings of the latest psychological research on the mental effects of quarantine.

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  • Surviving the trauma: post-traumatic stress disorder in relation to COVID-19

    26 November 2020

    Professor Jonathan Bisson talks to Dr Raj Persaud about PTSD and the notion of ‘trauma’ in the context of COVID-19.

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  • COVID-19: Isolation and loneliness – is there a 'social cure'?

    24 November 2020

    In this podcast, Professor Catherine Haslam discusses her research into the many health benefits of social integration, as detailed in her latest book 'The New Psychology of Health', and outlines ...

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