Black History Month

Every October, we celebrate Black History Month. As part of this, it's important to recognise and celebrate the diverse past, present and future of the College. 

Throughout the month, we mark the contribution of some of our Black psychiatrists to mental health services and use the occasion to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black people to society.

Events and activities in 2023

The College is celebrating Black History Month this year by exploring the relationship between Mental Health and the Arts. 


We're delighted to introduce you to Oluwatunmise Oladapo Kuku, podcaster, and life coach. Alongside Tunmise is Ms Praise Ogabi. Listen to their in-depth conversation where they share stories of dealing with mental illness, as well as their relationship with using art as a form of therapy.

You can also hear about the extraordinary contributions of black female psychiatrists, in our podcast delving deep into the vital issues of racism and equity within the field of psychiatry. Host Dr Uju Ugochukwu is joined Dr Itai Matumbike and Dr Mona-Lisa Kwentoh sharing their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives.


Blog posts

Throughout Black History Month we are publishing a number of blog posts:


We also held a special free Black History Month webinar for members on 12 October on 'Improving mental health through creativity'. In the webinar (included below), Dr Chinwe Obinwa led a discussion with members of the Culture Club of the UK's Association of Black Psychiatrists.

They discussed how the arts has an important role in celebrating and representing Black culture and as a form of therapy, bringing benefits professionally and personally.

Events and activities in 2022

  • Videos (see below): we heard from several doctors who talk about their journeys, achievements, influences and what makes them 'proud to be'  
    • Olufemi Talabi, a Core Psychiatric Trainee for Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
    • Dr Chinwe Obinwa, a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Clinical Director for Forensic Career Services Derbyshire Healthcare, and President of ABP-UK.
    • Dr Itoro Udo, a Consultant Psychiatrist, at City Clinic & Wellness Center, London, Ontario, and an Adjunct Professor at Western University, London, Ontario
    • Dr Abimbola Fadipe, Consultant old age psychiatrist, Executive Medical Director Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
    • Dr Dami Ajayi, Specialty Doctor, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and Trainee/Blog Editor, BJPsych International
Celine Erorh quote on black mental health

Blog posts relating to Black History Month