Trainee resources

Welcome to the London division trainees page. This page is to provide helpful information to the trainees in the London Division.

If you are a trainee and think there is anything further that could be added to this page please let the Division Office know.  

  • The Royal College Trainee's section
  • Psychiatric Training Committee (PTC). Details of how to get involved with the PTC can be obtained from this website or by contacting: Nikki Cochrane
  • Student associates
  • The Registrar - the PTC Magazine that is filled with items on education, leadership, research, conferences, exams, recruitment, interviews and any other issues that are important to trainees. 
  • RCPsych Library - services include: access to databases and journals, book borrowing, free literature searches and document supply.  The vast majority of our library resources are available online but there is also a library space at 21 Prescot Street, which is open Monday to Friday, 8am - 7pm.
  • Having trouble with exams? Our latest information guide on how to deal with them is now available to download.   
  • Portfolio online - a web-based e-portfolio tool that helps you log your learning, professional activities, development and achievements
  • TrOn - Trainees Online – or TrOn – is an online learning resource we developed to help you during your training.It provides interactive learning modules to help you prepare for the MRCPsych exams

The London School of Psychiatry 

Trainee involvement is a cornerstone of the School ethos.  We link with the RCPsych London Trainees committee, host a pan London trainee wellbeing committee, and have established an Educational Fellows network. All of the educational committees have invited trainee representatives and trainees have access to regional training days in addition to local taught courses.

Psychiatry is a challenging, fascinating and rewarding career.  Being a trainee in London offers a breadth of opportunity and experience you will not find anywhere else!

Programme specialties :

Core psychiatry

Child and adolescent psychiatry

General and old age psychiatry

Forensic psychiatry

Learning disability psychiatry

Medical psychotherapy

Useful resources

The Psychiatrists' Support Service provides confidential support and advice for members, trainee members and associates of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The College offers a wide range of awards, prizes and bursaries specific to medical students, Foundation Doctors and trainees. Please take a look at this webpage to see what is currently available.

The London Division also offers awards, prizes and bursaries specific to this group that are members of the division.

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