Our programme resources

The NCCMH and NCISH have developed a range of resources for the Suicide Prevention Programme that are free to access and use. 

10 ways to improve safety

Based on over 20 years of research evidence from studies of mental health services, primary care and accident and emergency departments, NCISH have developed a list of 10 key elements for safer care for patients. These recommendations have been shown to reduce suicide rates. NCISH’s '10 ways to improve safety' provides recommended examples local areas can focus on to reduce suicide and self-harm among mental health patients. You can find more resources on our suicide in mental health patients page.

Data dictionary

NCISH developed the data dictionary to provide a selection of process measures for local areas in Wave 2, and any other areas implementing a self-harm and/or suicide prevention project, to measure change as they test new ideas within their projects.

Learning sets 

Participants in the Suicide Prevention Programme, attend bimonthly events – called ‘learning sets’ – to share their learning. You’ll find the resources from these learning sets below.

Monthly telephone clinics

Organisations across England join monthly telephone clinics to seek advice and share learning about how to prevent suicide and self-harm. You’ll find the resources from the monthly telephone clinics below.